About Us


I’m Ian Hudspith and I created Tea Selection.

I had never been much of a Tea Drinker, mostly because all I knew was supermarket tea bags.

One day I bought a pot and some loose leaf tea for my wife who was home with our new baby and I was transformed when I tried it myself. This has lead me to try new quality teas and appreciate more and more the flavour, variation and range of matches to situations that are available.

I found Tea Shops that were hard to find- it seems that many small tea shops are better at sourcing, blending and supplying tea than they are at getting it known. I also found some great tea from some of the bigger names in tea.

This inspired me to try and find a way to find more of this tea, help other tea drinkers- old hands or new people- find the tea and help these tea suppliers find an audience.

A big part of what I want to do is help the story of the teas be told, where they come from, what the tea blender  is trying to do and what the tea is suited to.

That’s why we send the tea out to you with notes about the flavours you can expect and the situations where it can really show itself off. The tea we send varies with the seasons, something fresher and lighter during the hot and bright summers and something richer and cosy when the weather turns colder and you move inside.

We hope you enjoy it, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions, we love to be part of a conversation.