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What you receive

We source great loose leaf tea from suppliers all over Australia. We select the best tea available, match it to the time of year and package it beautifully to send to you. Every month you'll get two great teas, notes about where it came from, plus tasting notes and brewing instructions to help you make the most of your tea discovery.

  • We find the best tea

    We find tea from smaller and hard to find tea suppliers around Australia, bring their great teas, care and thought to you. This tea would be hard to find otherwise, and the ones you love the most, you can always come back for more of!
  • Package it with notes

    In addition to receiving fantastic tea, you will receive some notes about where the tea was sourced from, what it has been blended with, some suggestions on what you can expect to taste, and of course the best way to brew it to extract the best from the tea.
  • And send it to you

    You can receive it all where want to drink your tea. At home, at the office the tea will be delivered to you. No need to find time, no matter if you are not near great tea, we'll get it to you every month, anywhere in Australia